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  1. The All New Inspector Walter Darriteau Murder Mystery Novel....


    Pleased to mention that a new Walter Darriteau novel is now being written and will be out in the new year, God willing! 

    It has a working title of "The Plunge", though that is highly likely to be changed at least twice before it finally sees the light of day. 

    Early thoughts indicate that this is likely to be another chunky book too, so if you are interested in Walter's cases do stay tuned for that.

    In the meantime don't forget you can get a completely free murder/mystery ebook right now when you sign up for my occasional booksy newsletter by going here 

    or take a look at the novel "Kissing a Killer" page right here

    As ever, thanks for your interest in my stuff. I appreciate it.

    Have a great day,

    David C. 



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  2. Last Day Today for Very Special Offer on "The Murder Diaries" - Don't Miss It!




    Yes, today is the last day for this promotional offer at 65% OFF the usual price. Yep,it's only 99p - but now TODAY only! 

    See all the links on The Murder Diaries page by clicking here

    This book is now available as an ebook on Kindle, Apple itunes/ibooks, Kobo, Nook and most other well known ebook platforms. 

    Here's that page link again, go here 

    Thanks for reading - have a great day and a fab weekend too,


    David C.