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  1. The All New Inspector Walter Darriteau Murder Mystery Novel....


    Pleased to mention that a new Walter Darriteau novel is now being written and will be out in the new year, God willing! 

    It has a working title of "The Plunge", though that is highly likely to be changed at least twice before it finally sees the light of day. 

    Early thoughts indicate that this is likely to be another chunky book too, so if you are interested in Walter's cases do stay tuned for that.

    In the meantime don't forget you can get a completely free murder/mystery ebook right now when you sign up for my occasional booksy newsletter by going here 

    or take a look at the novel "Kissing a Killer" page right here

    As ever, thanks for your interest in my stuff. I appreciate it.

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    David C. 



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  2. Last Day Today for Very Special Offer on "The Murder Diaries" - Don't Miss It!




    Yes, today is the last day for this promotional offer at 65% OFF the usual price. Yep,it's only 99p - but now TODAY only! 

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    This book is now available as an ebook on Kindle, Apple itunes/ibooks, Kobo, Nook and most other well known ebook platforms. 

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    David C.

  3. "The Murder Diaries - Seven Times Over" On Special Offer This Week!



    Don't miss out on this time limited special offer.

    Here's a super opportunity to buy a murder mystery book at at greatly reduced price. 65% off the usual price!

    "The Murder Diaries - Seven Times Over" is on Special Offer this week until Friday at just 99p for the ebook.

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  4. FB


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    "The Murder Diaries - Seven Times Over" is on very SPECIAL OFFER from September 18th-22nd 2017 when you can save at least 65% on the Ebook Price!!




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  5. Special Words, Quotes, Articles, and Birthdays For Today


    If you are looking for an article or incident especially related to and with today, check some of these interesting fellows out:


    Word of the Day

    Quote of the Day

    Article of the Day

    This Day in History

    Today's Birthday

    Today's Holiday





  6. Interview and Video Coverage With J K Rowling


    I think I am right in saying that J K Rowling is the first writer in history to have made more than a billion dollars through writing alone.

    An astonishing statistic, and here is an interesting video from the lady in question that gives an insight into her writing career and background and driving force that led her on to such amazing success.

    It also includes her top ten rules for success. 

    I hope you like it.



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  7. Follow Me On Twitter....

    If you haven't akready,

    and most likely I will follow you back.

    Here's a snapshot of some of my latest tweets and stuff:




    Hope to see you and interact with you there.

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    David C.


  8. The Twelfth Apostle Book Trailer


    Here's a book trailer we did for the Twelfth Apostle last year that never saw the light of day because we changed the cover and it didn't kind of fit, but it's interesting nonetheless, so here it is anyway:


    "The TWELFTH APOSTLE" - The NEW Inspector Walter Darriteau Murder Mystery by David Carter



    Hope you liked that.

    Here's how the newer cover came out:

    The Twelfth Apostle Twitter ad 6




    The book is also available on Apple itunes/ibooks, Kobo and Nook if you prefer those platforms.


    FREE Inspector Walter Darriteau Mystery Ebook


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  9. The 13 Ages of Man - Or Woman


    12 ages of man


    And here it is again in plain text for those scanning search engines

    that cannot read blessed images.



    The 13 ages of Man - or Woman


    When you are:

    30: Time starts to speed up

    40: Life begins at, or so you hope

    50: You have never been so busy, and that’s a fact

    60: Christmas comes every six months, or so it seems

    70: You have finally finished that damned book!

    80: Yihaa!! You’ve made it. You can do what you want!

    90: You really are a proven optimist, aren’t you?

    100: You receive a birthday card from the Queen

    110: You still receive vital upgrades from Adobe

    120: Arsene Wenger says: “This could be our year!”

    130: You’ll be the oldest person on the planet

    140: Someone somewhere will say “I wish I had met him, or her.”

    150: Your tempting books will be there forever, even if you won’t


    And the lesson is? 

    Don't waste a single second of it, for it will sure as heck

    flash by in an instant!!


    Have a great and productive day,



  10. The Death Broker Twitter ad 4


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    "The Death Broker" sees Inspector Walter Darriteau attempt to solve the Rhiannon Reece case. Rhiannon is a seventeen-year-old girl who goes missing on her way to school.

    This is a complete book, not a taster or trailer or part book. You get the whole book for free. All you have to do is sign up for my occasional booksy newsletter.

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    So, if you like murder/mysteries, and especially FREE murder/mysteries then this is the place for you.


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    It'll only take you a minute or two, and then you can start reading "The Death Broker" right away - no waiting, no delay, no postage, no problem!

    Here's that all important link again:

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    I hope you like it. Maybe you could let me know? Have fun!!!

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