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  1. The Death Broker Twitter ad 4


    Sign Up for My Occasional Booksy Newsletter and Get a Free Mystery Book Today!


    If you would like a completely FREE Mystery book today, you can have it right now when you sign up for my occasional booksy newsletter.

    "The Death Broker" sees Inspector Walter Darriteau attempt to solve the Rhiannon Reece case. Rhiannon is a seventeen-year-old girl who goes missing on her way to school.

    This is a complete book, not a taster or trailer or part book. You get the whole book for free. All you have to do is sign up for my occasional booksy newsletter.

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    So, if you like murder/mysteries, and especially FREE murder/mysteries then this is the place for you.


    The free book runs to 240 pages and you can download it in a format of your choice - kindle, itunes/ibooks, to your iphone, kobo, nook or directly to your computer.

    It'll only take you a minute or two, and then you can start reading "The Death Broker" right away - no waiting, no delay, no postage, no problem!

    Here's that all important link again:

    Click here for your free copy of "The Death Broker" 

    I hope you like it. Maybe you could let me know? Have fun!!!

    The Death Broker Twitter Ad 3

  2. Incon Front Cover


    The "Inconvenient Unborn" is released as an ebook on Apple iTunes/iBooks today.

    Here's the link if you'd like to go there, click here



    and that link again, go here


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