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The Life and Loves of Gringo Greene


 The above is the new cover for The Life and Loves of Gringo Greene



Gringo Front Cover



The Life and Loves of Gringo Greene - A Modern Love Story


Have you ever been in love?


Was it good for you?


Would you do it again?


Gringo Greene has never been in love. That's half his problem.

But when a young woman gives in her notice at Dryden Engineering no one really cared that much,
except perhaps Gringo Greene.

In her absence he dives into a series of frantic affairs that will change his life forever, but can he find happiness and contentment, and more to the point, will he ever be able to forget her?

The Life and Loves of Gringo Greene explores the pain and confusion of
love, sex, domestic violence, and unrequited love, amid personal relationships
that crash and burn to nothing.

But ultimately where is Gringo Greene heading?


Toward his defining days, as he describes them, that's where, just like
all the rest of us.

The Life and Loves of Gringo Greene may remind you
of once you once had... of what is truly valuable... and just maybe...


of what you still seek.

Gringo Card



The greatest thing you will ever learn...

Is to love and be loved in return!


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