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The Sound of Sirens


 The Sound of Sirens - An Inspector Walter Darriteau Murder Mystery



The ancient city of Chester, Friday night, and the weekend starts here. High summer, skimpy fashions, it’s a hot night, and the town’s relaxed. It’s 11pm and the pubs are beginning to close. The band has just finished playing; packing their instruments away, but the night is still young.


   A young man enters the crowded pub. Walks up to the small stage. Pulls a handgun from his light jacket and empties four shots into the lead singer. One, two, three, four. Waves the gun at the stunned and shocked crowd. Yelling, hollering and screaming break out, the crowd part like the Red Sea, and the killer walks through the valley of death and out into the night, laughing as he goes.


   The Sound of Sirens floats across the humid city.


   Inspector Darriteau is soon on the scene. He only lives locally, and truth is, he’d much rather be at work than lying in bed. The local crime reporter turns up too, Gardenia Floem, nice woman, nice teeth.


   ‘Is this drugs related?’ she asks.


   How the hell do I know? Get her out of here!


   So begins David Carter’s new Walter Darriteau murder mystery, "The Sound of Sirens", but is it drugs related, Walter ponders the thought, and if it isn’t, what’s it all about?

   Walter doesn't yet know it but this is only the first of three dreadful killings.

   He's going to be a busy man.





 "The Sound of Sirens" is out now in paperback and on Kindle.

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