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  1. Winter Sale Now ON!!


    Yes, my big winter book sale is now on. You can grab 20% and 25% discount on hundreds of items right now in my ebay store.

    Not just books either but other interesting items and collectables.

    But hurry, it's only for a limited time.

    You can check out my ebay store here:



    Thanks for looking - hope you find somethng nice.

    Have a great day,


    David C





  2. Stephen King - On Writing


    There are hundreds of books out there to show you how to improve your writing, but only one by the mega-selling Stephen King, and that book is called ON WRITING. On this page you will see a review about ON WRITING.

    But also on the page you can see almost an hour of Stephen K talking about writing in general, and his books, plus his thoughts on 50 Shades of Grey and much more besides. It's a great video.

    To read and see that simply click here.

    Oh, he also talks about ON WRITING too, so that's kind of neat.




  3. I Buy Books


    Yes, despite the fact that I have over 10,000 books in the house I am still buying books for cash.

    Please see here for the books I am interested in and the areas I can collect from - outside of that area and they would probably have to be delivered to me - unless they were sufficiently interesting for me to collect.

    I pay cash on collection and have been buying and selling books now for almost 20 years.


    Go here for more info


  4. Paul Torday Dies


    Mr Paul Torday who found fame late in life when his first published novel "Salmon Fishing in the Yemen" was published when he was 61 and went on to sell over half a million copies, passed away in December just gone aged just 67.

    The book was made into a successful film starring Ewan MacGregor and Emily Blunt.

    There is a review for the film on this site together with the official trailer here.




  5. Haruki Murakami - Japan's Most Successful Novelist


    On this page you will find my book review of Water Lily by Susanna Jones about a Japanese woman teacher who has an affair with a pupil and then worrying about being discovered she flees the country for Shanghai.

    But also on this page you will see a 50 minute programme about Haruki Murakami, Japan's most successful novelist.

    Murakami was a baby boomer growing up in the sixties with all that entails. His strange books have been translated into 40 languages.

    The programme was made by Alan Yentob of the BBC and you can see that and read the book review on this page.

    Thank you for visiting and reading.

  6. David Coleman has Passed Away


    I have just heard that David Coleman, the sports broadcaster, has passed away, aged 87

    Quite simply David Coleman was a GIANT in his field. He practically invented sports broadcasting in Britain, and everyone who has ever had a interest in sports from say 1956 to 2006 will have their own special memories that he brought into our living rooms.

    For me the 1968 Olympics from Mexico, and then the world cup from Mexico in 1970 will always live in the memory.

    And then there was that tragic Olympics from Munich that he brought to us in such detail.

    Thank you, Mr C for all the sheer enjoyment and memories you brought into all of our lives.


    David Coleman - Broadcaster - 1926 - 2013    RIP.  




  7. The Lord Lucan Murder(s) - New TV Programme


    Conicidentally a new TV programme has just been made by the ITV network in the UK about the Lucan murder(s) - the first part of 2, which was aired last night - the programme was based on John Pearson's book "The Gamblers" which was reviewed here recently. You can catch up on that book review and see more (different) TV investigative coverage on the same page about the whole Lucan affair here if you missed it.

    If you'd like to catch up with ITV's new prog that everyone seemed to be talking about in the supermarket this morning as they went about their Christmas shopping you should be able to watch that here on the ITV Player.

    The disappearance of Lord Lucan after the murder of his children's nanny, Sandra Rivett, remains one of the great unsolved murder riddles of the 20th century in Britain.

    If you are interested in fictional murder cases please check out my Inspector Walter Darriteau cases, The Murder Diaries Seven Times Over here, and The Sound of Sirens here.

    Take care,