The Kindle Phenomenon


A few years ago I wrote a book called Big Money in Books, which as the name suggests was a book about trading books, and in that book I wrote a piece about the Kindle, and to put it mildly, I was dismissive of its chances!!

I was wrong, and pretty spectacularly wrong at that!!

I feel like that divvy at Decca records who told the Beatles that guitar bands had had their day and that he wouldn't be signing them, or the head honcho at Kodak who dismissed digital cameras as a passing fad that wouldn't last. Bill Gates had that one right. When he first saw a digital camera he immediately understood what it meant.

'Kodak's toast', he said, and Billy Boy, not for the first time, was right.

Now, six years later, I am publishing all my books on Kindle, just as many other self-publishing writers are, and it is easy to see why.

The advantages to the independent writer are just amazing, but the advantages to the reader are even greater.

Books can now be bought for very little money, indeed on some days they can even be had for free.

If you haven't acquired a Kindle yet, and guess what? I haven't either, did you know that you can download the necessary software to your PC, laptop, or tablet, to enable you to read Kindle published books, and better still, you can have that software enabling you, in effect, to own a Kindle, for free as well.

So that's FREE software, and inexpensive and sometimes FREE books - what is there not to like?

If you want that Kindle software you can obtain it for FREE here:

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