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Wherever you may be. David Carter here, sitting at my desk, a mile or two from the cliffs of the south coast of England.

I have been writing seriously since 1999, (and always dabbled before that! – going back longer than I care to remember), and I have written more than thirty books, and try to write something every day.

Someone once wrote that every writer needs to write a million words before they find their true voice, and I agree wholeheartedly with that. Certainly, in my case, like so many other writers, I had four or five so-called “books” written and done, stories that on reflection were never good enough to see the light of day...and haven’t!

And then around 1999 I stumbled across Inspector Walter Darriteau in the darkest recesses of my brain, and he has been with me ever since. Walter is based in the ancient and beautiful city of Chester in the North-West of England, a place I know well, having worked there for many years.

It’s a great place for a base for holidays too if you are ever thinking of visiting. There is so much to see and do in the area, not least in the city itself, established by the Romans in AD77!  Now, that’s what you call history.

So far, I have completed and published ten Walter Darriteau stories, plus two fat box sets (and great value they are too if you are thinking of reading them all – lots of people do!),  and the plan is, I am disappointed if I don’t write at least one new case every year.

I rarely miss, and there is a new Walter Darriteau case on the go as I write this, and hopefully that should see the light of day towards the end of 2022.

But aside from Walter, I have written in a selection of genres, (see the CATALOGUE button at the top for more info on that), and I’m excited to report I am starting another completely new series in 2022 entitled The Meredith Hawkes Thrillers.

The first book in this collection is finished and ready, and it’s called “Don’t Forget to Breathe”. It is released on August 18th 2022, available now to pre-order, and you’ll find more information on that here:  https://amzn.to/3x427bx




What’s that you say? You’d like to know more about the new kid on the block, Meredith Hawkes? Then who am I to refuse you? Here’s the book blurb:

“Meredith Hawkes has just left the Royal Navy after serving twenty years. His father, brother and sister are expecting him back at the family’s detached bungalow up on the Wirral, but Hawkes has other ideas.

He wants to travel, not across the globe, but to the hundreds of small country towns spread across England, places he has never visited before.

Hawkes reckons it will prove a quiet relaxing time. He feels truly free for the first time in years, and perhaps he might meet the woman of his dreams.

But it doesn’t turn out that way.

It seems rural and coastal towns have a story all of their own, and Hawkes has a knack of stumbling across people and events most people would choose to avoid.

“Don’t Forget to Breathe” is the first book in a new series of British thrillers from the creator of the Inspector Walter Darriteau stories.”

Pre-order now and you won’t be charged until the release date of August 18th 2022.

You can do that here:


The second and third books in the series are well under way and are scheduled to appear in late September and late October 2022, so that is exciting, and I am looking forward to that. And if you are in KU - Kindle Unlimited, you may like to know that all the Walter stories, and all the Meredith Hawkes books are and will be enrolled in KU.

Further ahead, I plan to write one Walter and one Meredith Hawkes adventure every year, and I shall continue doing that for as long as I am able.

Thank you for reading, and for your interest in my work. I do appreciate it, and if you are interested in joining my small team of beta readers who get to see and comment on my books before they are released, drop me a line on the CONTACT ME below, and I’d love to hear from you.

Have a great day whatever you are doing, and as I always say, make sure you find the time for plenty of fun!

Best wishes,


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