Author Interview - David Carter

 This is an Author Interview David Carter recently completed with Book Goodies.


Author Bio:


I have been writing for more years than I care to remember, initially business articles for newspapers and magazines and latterly for websites. It was only a short step from there to writing books - I have now written more than a dozen, both fiction and non fiction.


What inspires you to write?


I write because I enjoy it - it is as simple as that - and if other people enjoy the results then that is all the more satisfying. Of course the cream on the cake is when I get paid for it too! It happens.


What is your writing process?


I try and write something every day and if I don't I feel the day has been wasted. (We all have only so many days!) I am a quick writer so when the flow is really coming I can comfortably produce a large chunk in any one day. The part that takes the most concentration and effort, in my case, is the re-writing, proofreading and correction which tests the patience and stickability, when really I want to get on with the next project. I have to force myself to finish what I have started.


I try and write the end of a novel first, at least in my own mind, as recommended by John Irving, and this I did in my new book "The Sound of Sirens" and I think, it is all the better for that. But of course once the story really takes off and takes over, inevitably, there is a bit of  "seat of the pants" stuff in there too.


Do you listen to, or talk to, your characters?


Neither - I try and set myself in the shoes of whichever character is talking and thinking of at the time, and by doing that I believe the dialog that comes out of their mouths, and their actions, are all the more realistic, and hopefully that sense of realism conveys itself to the reader, and makes the book and the story all the more believable, and enjoyable too.


What advice would you give to other writers?


Stephen King's advice is better than anything I could give and that is simply to read more. If you can't find the time to read you will never find the time to write. By reading more you will find your own writing improves immeasurably. You will notice various things that will constantly improve your writing.


The second piece of advice is to always read your stuff out loud! If you skim over it in silence you will miss lots of hints that all is not as good as it could be. If you read aloud "clunkyness" always rears its head, and that enables you to fix it. If there is lots of dialog and you can get someone else to read another part, then so much the better.


How did you decide how to publish your books?


Like so many others I have tried sending stuff to agents and publishers over the years without too much success, so self publishing is the only other available avenue. I am happy with that because I retain so much control of the whole process, but if there is a literary agent out there who could help me take my writing to another level, well, that would be nice. You know where I am! Contact me here


What do you think of the future of book publishing?


Electronic publishing must surely take an ever larger slice of the pie - though I believe there will always be a place for traditional books. Personally, I much prefer to read a "book" than a screen, and I am not alone in that.


Time for some video. Here is Stephen King and Audrey Niffenegger talking about their writing and how they go about their craft. Nice video it is too. 


This is an Author Interview David Carter recently completed with Book Goodies.







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